5 Levels Of College Athletics

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    National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)

    Division I



    Division II

    • Wider range of athletic talent
    • Mostly partial/Some full Athletic scholarships available including tuition, fees, room & board and books
    • Strict eligibility requirements
    • Minimum requirements for athletic contests and participants in each sport
    • Search NCAA by Division, State or Sport



    Division III


    National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics

    • Wide range of athletic talent
    • Athletic scholarships available
    • Slightly less strict eligibility



    National Junior College Athletic Association

    • Wide range of athletic talent
    • Athletic scholarships available
    • Eligibility determined by junior college enrollment
    • Transfer opportunity to athletic associations listed above                          



    • Wide range of talent depending on the strength of Varsity and size of the school

    • Continue playing without the pressures of Varsity commitments