Recruiting Overview

  • How to Get Recruited
    When talking to coaches, always be yourself, but be a respectful, upfront, and an interested version of yourself. 
    See: Tips on Talking to Coaches

    How To Get Discovered

    • You must be proactive and do the research.
    • Perform at a high level at the high school and/or club level.
    • Go to camps and clinics at the colleges when run by the college coaches.
    • Compete in tournaments in the college area and alert the coach to the date and time.
    • Complete Questionnaires online and keep track of the schools for which you've contacted.
    • Email coaches (specific and targeted) with your athletic resume and video. Keep emails short and informative. Follow up with phone call.
      • You may call or email college coaches at your expense as often as you wish at anytime.
    • Don't feel pressured to pay any service for recruiting assistance. You can do it on your own.
    • You may visit a college campus anytime at your own expense - alert the coach in advance that you will be on campus and request a meeting.
    • NCSA Recruiting 101.
      • NCSA is an online recruiting service that provides FREE videos, advice and web tools in recruiting, etc. We encourage you to use their free services, but we do not promote paying for additional services.

    Contact with College Coaches

    • ALWAYS be respectful and grateful for any contact with coaches. College coaches talk, and you want a reputation as a team player who is humble and hard-working. This includes how you interact with your peers and your parents. The last thing you want is a bad reputation.
    • Keep your options open. Regardless of what college is contacting you, your response should be "thank you. I would love to hear more." If the contact continues and you are definitely not interested, be polite and tell the coach that you have focused your attention on other schools, but greatly appreciate the interest. And if anything changes you will be in touch.
    • Most NCAA Division I college coaches cannot contact you directly until Sept. 1 of your junior year, depending on the sport. See Q&A regarding Recruiting Calendars. But YOU may call and email them at anytime at your own expense.
    • Division III coaches adhere to more permissive recruiting guidelines
    • NAIA & NJCAA coaches may contact you at anytime.
    • There are "dead" periods when coaches may not contact or evaluate you on or off campus-- see NCAA sport specific recruiting calendars for dead periods, quiet periods, and evaluation periods

    Campus Visits

    • You should take unofficial visits before your senior year to get an idea of what kind of college you want to attend. And start narrowing down the athletic programs.
    • During your senior year you may take 5 paid 48-hour visits to Division I college campuses. Before the visit, you must be registered with the NCAA Eligibility Center. Your visit may include for you and your parents: round-trip transportation, room and board, and complimentary admission to any campus athletic event. 
    • There is no limit on the number of Division III schools you may officially visit.
      There is no limit on unofficial visits (you pay your way on these). 
    • Schools are permitted to ask prospects to undergo a medical exam during the visit.

    Committing to a College

    • More and more high school athletes are making verbal commitments to colleges. However, these verbal commitments are not a guarantee. Only the signing of a National Letter of Intent guarantees the student athlete financial aid at the chosen institution for 1 academic year, and the student-athlete agrees to attend that institution full-time for 1 academic year
    • Be familiar with signing dates for your sport

    See Financial Aid Overview

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