How to Update Your Contact Information - ETHS Staff

  • Evanston Township High School uses the SchoolMessenger notification system to deliver emergency notifications and other messages to students, parents, guardians, and staff. These notifications are sent to phone numbers and email addresses that ETHS staff members provide in Employee Access Center (EAC) and should be updated regularly by employees themselves as contact information changes.

    Staff can update or add their phone number and email address at any time through their EAC accounts.  Here are the basic steps for updating existing staff email and phone contact information online:

    1) Log in to Employee Access Center using your user name and password. Your EAC User ID is the employee number listed on your staff ID card. Your EAC password for the first login is the last 4 digits of your social security number. It is recommended that you change this password after you log in the first time. Click on Update Account in the upper right corner of the screen. Enter in your old password, enter in your new password twice, and click Change Password.

    2) Click on the My Info link on the left hand side, followed by the Update button. This is where you will update or add your contact information. NOTE: The phone number you put into the "Phone Number" field of EAC is the phone the automated system will call by default in a non-emergency situation. In the event of an emergency, the automated system will call the "Phone Number" and "Personal Cell Phone" numbers you entered into the Employee Access Center.

    3) Be sure to click Save after making any edits.

    Changes to staff contact information will appear active in Employee Access Center once the change is approved by Human Resources. The notification system will receive updated staff contact information the day after the change is approved by HR, and will begin sending messages to the updated email address(es) and/or phone number(s) at that time.

Employee Access Center Help

  • If you don’t remember your EAC password, click the Forgot your Password? link on the EAC login page.

    Staff who need assistance with Employee Access Center, including getting an account set up, can contact the Human Resources department, or send an email to