For the Media

  • ETHS District 202 recognizes the role of media in providing news and information to our community. The ETHS Communications Office helps provide information about the school and the district in a timely and accurate manner. Members of the media are asked to contact the Communications Office with requests to interview, photograph, or film staff or students.

    Requests for commercial filming, videography, and photography projects on the ETHS campus should also be directed to the ETHS Communications Office. For details, see the Filming & Photography Requests page on the ETHS website.

    Requests for Staff

    ETHS District 202 employs educators who are often leaders in their respective fields or in the field of education in general. If you are interested in interviewing, photographing, or filming a staff member, please contact the ETHS Communications Office. This helps the district determine the best source(s) for your story and helps us understand the information that is being requested, your deadline, and other relevant details.

    While ETHS makes every effort to accommodate media inquiries, school officials reserve the right to decline requests to minimize disruption to class time, to protect the safety and privacy of students and staff, and to manage school day priorities for students and their families. 

    Requests for Students

    ETHS operates in compliance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). The Communications Office is responsible for maintaining compliance with the Media/Web/Publications category of FERPA. Therefore, no interviews, photographs, or video with students is permitted without the prior approval of the Communications Office. (Exception: routine coverage of athletic events.)

    Members of the media may take general footage of students during school activities and school events open to the public at large which by their very nature involve exposure to the public (e.g., athletic events, theatrical productions).

    Visiting ETHS

    ETHS District 202 welcomes members of the community to our building and campus throughout each school year. At the same time, procedures are in place to help ensure a safe and secure learning environment for our students and staff with as few disruptions as possible. Please contact the Communications Office to schedule appointments at the school. Please keep in mind that a variety of factors affecting the school schedule (school-wide events, holidays and breaks, testing, or other activities) may prevent a visit on a specific date and/or time.

    For general information about visiting the school, please see the ETHS Visitor Guidelines.


    Crisis or Critical Incident Information

    In the event of a crisis or critical incident, the ETHS Communications Office will manage all contacts with the media and will coordinate the distribution of information from the district to the public.

    During a crisis, reporters, photographers, and news crews will not be allowed inside the school building. We will work to obtain information from our response team and local authorities to reply to inquiries as warranted. Please do not try to circumvent this process by contacting multiple offices or departments in the school.