• Peer tutoring is available in person, and tutors are waiting to assist you. You can access the request for a peer tutor by completing 
    this form

    Adult tutoring is available in person, and there are a limited number of tutors waiting to assist you. You can access the request for an adult tutor by completing this form. Check the time slots that are available for each tutor before you submit your request so that you have an idea as to whether your match can be made now or if there is a wait.


    ETHS students in grades 9-12 can request to be matched with a tutor for help in math, science, history, English, reading, and world languages. Students are matched with either an adult or peer one-to-one volunteer tutor based upon a combination of factors including volunteer tutor availability, student availability, and student grade in the class.  

    One-to-one tutoring takes place at ETHS during the school day, and students who are matched work with a tutor once or twice a week. Due to the limited pool of volunteer adult and peer tutors, not all tutoring requests can be matched with a one-to-one tutor. Please take advantage of these resources while you wait for a potential match. 

    For more information about volunteer tutoring services at ETHS, please contact the Peer Tutor Coordinator, Ms. Khandhar at khandhara@eths202.org, the Adult Tutor Coordinator, Mr. Bonner at bonnerk@eths202.org or the Director of Academic Supports,
    Mr. Succes, at succesj@eths202.org