Discovering Success Through Music (D.S.T.M.)

  • Discovering Success Through Music (D.S.T.M.) helps prepare students for social, emotional, and academic success by equipping them with valuable skills that will result in learning lifelong success strategies, through the vehicle of Music Education. 


    D.S.T.M. is a one-year credit-bearing elective class at ETHS, open by invitation only to students who meet the academic requirements. Students earn 1 elective credit and 1 Fine Arts credit that can be used towards graduation requirements. The major goals of the course are to develop students who practice self-awareness and self-management skills, use social-awareness and interpersonal skills to establish and maintain positive relationships, and cultivate decision-making skills that reflect thoughtful consideration in achieving their social, emotional, and academic goals.

    The specific D.S.T.M. curriculum focuses on course-aligned Pillars of Success, We Factors, and Truths, that provide the framework for lessons, projects, class activities, field-trips, and invitations to guest speakers.

    Students create their plans for social, emotional, and academic success, and in partnership with the teacher, have weekly academic check-ins to measure their success, and evaluate opportunities for improvement, with the goal of empowering students to own their holistic success by becoming people who consider the impact of their individual choices and the effects of those choices on the greater community, both in and out of the classroom.  

    Discovering Success Through Music extends invitations to professionals in business, sports, fine and performing arts, architecture, and other fields, to come speak, with the hope of engaging and peaking student interest in a variety of professions and disciplines. Our students take field-trips and discover new personal interests in fields which they might not have previously considered.

    D.S.T.M. builds visionaries who advocate for themselves and their productive interests.


    The criteria for receiving an invitation to participate in D.S.T.M. include:

      • A MAP reading RIT score of 219 and below 
      • A willingness to learn new ideas from those around you
      • Being a positive contributor to the classroom community
      • The ability to make decisions that positively contribute to your growth
      • A willingness of parents to partner with the D.S.T.M. teacher and team in their students’ success.

    Mrs. Karla Clark, Program Coordinator, 847-424-7149