AVID for Incoming Freshmen

  • 8th Grade Students become eligible for AVID based on the following traits:

    1. Ethnic groups who are underrepresented at the post-secondary level and/or first-generation college-bound students. 

    2. Students who have a desire to improve executive functioning skills required for college readiness.

    3. Highly motivated academically as demonstrated through attendance, behavior, grade point average, and 8th-grade team recommendation.

    4. MAP RIT score of 220-230 in reading and a math MAP RIT score of 231 and above.  Students who meet the criteria and have higher scores may elect to apply as well.


    Selection Timeline for Incoming Freshmen

    • December
      Parents/Guardians receive an email invitation for their student to apply. Invitations are sent to any District 65 students with a Reading MAP score between 220-230 and a Math MAP Score of 231 or higher (requirement number 4, above).

    • Students and parents/guardians can attend the AVID Open House to receive more information about the program and application process.

    • January-February
      Students who apply for the AVID program will participate in interviews based on the first two requirements. Eighth grade teachers submit recommendations for students to participate in AVID. This meets requirement number 3.

    • Late Spring
      Students will be notified if they are selected to enroll in AVID. This will be scheduled as an elective.



    Students must apply to begin the selection process for AVID. The Application process begins each year in December after parents/guardians of eligible students receive an email invitation. Eligible students should complete the online 8th grade application.



    1. Is AVID a program for students with low test scores/grades? No.  Students invited to apply to AVID are from the academic middle.   

    2. Is AVID only for freshman year? No.  AVID is a four-year program. Students will have a college prep curriculum during all four years; they receive a grade and elective credit.

    3. Can I enroll my child in AVID for just one year? No.  AVID is a four-year system with a proven 30-year track record of successful results.

    4. Can my child take art or language and also be in AVID? Yes. Students have many options for classes, though it is more limited freshman year. Students can  take advantage of summer courses following their freshman or sophomore years. Students preparing for their Junior or Senior years should discuss options with their assigned AVID counselor. Some options include taking early bird P.E. (as a junior and senior) or taking classes that fulfill more than one requirement.