Freshman Advisory Study Hall

  • Freshman Advisory Study Hall (FASH) is a guided study hall that is scheduled for all freshman students at ETHS. This guided study hall is designed to provide freshmen with connections to the academic and extracurricular resources and social-emotional support they need to successfully navigate their first year in high school. School counselors will collaborate closely with freshman advisory study hall teachers to support students, and will be accessible during advisory on a regular basis to promote strategies for academic success, college and career planning, and student well-being.

    Through weekly programming, students will receive in-depth information about school resources and tools, extracurricular opportunities, and a variety of academic and social-emotional supports. The freshman advisory study hall model provides an opportunity for students to establish a meaningful connection with their freshman advisory study hall teacher and counselor that will benefit them during their freshman year and beyond.

    All 9th grade students are required to have a FASH class.


  • New Student Transition Coordinator
    Alicia Hart
    (847) 424-7047
    Advisory Study Hall Coordinator
    Vaishali Patel
    (847) 424-7433

FASH Google Site

  • For more information about Freshman Advisory Study Hall programs, visit the FASH Google Site.