ETHS Health Center 2020-21

  • The ETHS Health Center, a school-based health center (SBHC) that is a partnership of NorthShore University Health System (NSUHS), the City of Evanston, and ETHS.  As a reminder, the ETHS Health Center is open during e-learning.

    SBHCs function like primary care clinics, but are located in schools.  The ETHS Health Center was opened in 1996 with the intention to eliminate barriers of access to quality healthcare for all ETHS youth.  We are completely staffed by NSUHS, with two pediatricians, three nurse practitioners, a social worker, a registered nurse, and a medical assistant.  We’ve worked hard over the years to prevent students from missing school due to illness or not meeting health requirements, educating youth on best health practices and their health rights, and improving overall health outcomes for our adolescents.  

    We are a clinic for ALL students at ETHS, regardless of income or insurance status.  For those students who already have a pediatrician, we are an added convenience.  We provide the following services:

    • Free sick visits
    • Free mental health visits
    • Free reproductive health care
    • Free nutrition and health counseling
    • Low-cost physicals for school, work, college
    • Low-cost immunizations (for those who qualify)
    • Low-cost flu vaccines for all students
    • Low-cost lab tests
    • Referrals for specialty care
    • Health education

    We encourage parents to register their children for our services (consent form in Spanish).  We encourage staff to consider us as a resource for any student that communicates a need for, or may benefit from, any of our health services.  We encourage students to take ownership of their healthcare and know their health rights.  Lastly, we acknowledge that families’ situations are changing in these tumultuous times, and we want you to know that we are here for you.  


  • ETHS Health Center
    Main: (847) 424-7265
    Ida Joyce Sia, BSN, RN
    Direct: 847-424-7266
    Office Location H101 Building Map
    The Access Center
    24-Hour Crisis Line
    at NorthShore University
    (847) 570-2500