Mindfulness Mondays for Students

  • In an effort to provide space to unpack the many different experiences students are having during the COVID-19 pandemic, ETHS is providing myriad opportunities to engage in mindfulness and get support, including:   Find Your Social Worker, ETHS Virtual Calming Room, ETHS Live Virtual Mindfulness Studio Wednesdays & Fridays, 6th & 7th period, and Executive Functioning at ETHS, in addition to partnering with Rebel Human.

    Rebel Human is  an organization that provides training using fitness, breath work, dance, meditation, somatic awareness, and creative workshops. 
    Co-founder and ETHS alum Jenny Arrington, along with a cohort of teachers, share fresh content every week that will develop the skills to help build resilience, clarity, and a sense of connection. On Mondays, new videos will be uploaded to the ETHS Rebel Human webpage that will feature creative ways to connect with your body and mind. 

    What students will do: 

    • Dance
    • Write music
    • Learn dance choreography
    • Sing
    • Work out
    • Breathe
    • Stretch
    • Be guided on a walking meditation outside
    • Listen to nuggets of wisdom


    Mindfulness teachers: 

    • A dancer who toured with Beyonce
    • An expert in neuro-coaching, meditation, two yogic lineages, and author of The Kundalini Posture Manual
    • A DJ who toured Europe as Oprah’s personal DJ and resident DJ at Virgin Music
    • A recording artist who has taught 40,000 people to write a song
    • A recent graduate who began practicing yoga at ETHS
    • ETHS Principal Dr. Marcus Campbell


    When to use: 

    • First thing in the morning
    • When students have a break between classes
    • At the end of the school day
    • When feeling anxious, stressed, overwhelmed, bored, or disconnected


    The ETHS Virtual Calming Room is another resource to explore, process, unplug, or try something new. This website offers activities in mindfulness, journaling, yoga and exercise, breathing, coloring, music, and more.