Student Records - What Can Be Updated

  • When a student is registered to attend ETHS, the information provided by their parent/guardian becomes part of their online student record stored in the school's student information system. Parents/guardians can use the online Update Registration form in Home Access Center (HAC) at any time to update various elements of the student's record, including these:
    • Student Address (proof of residency required), Phone Number, Nickname, Ethnicity, Language, or Race
    • Guardian Address (proof of residency required for primary guardian), Phone Number, or Email Address
    • Emergency Contact, plus their Address, Phone Number, or Email Address
    • Consent for Release of Student Information - FERPA
    • Consent for Student Athletic Participation
    • Consent for Student Activities Participation
    • Guardian Military Status
    See directions below for the Update Registration form in Home Access Center (HAC).

How to Update Student Registration Information

  • Here are the basic steps for updating your student's registration online.
    1. Log in to Home Access Center using your own parent/guardian user name and password.
    2. Navigate to Registration > Update Registration, and click the New link.
    3. You can click through and submit changes in the following sections. Be sure to click Save at the bottom of each section before clicking through to the next section:
    • Student Information. In this section you can make changes to the student’s Nickname, Hispanic/Latino Ethnicity, Race, Language, and Email Address. (Note that changes to student name, gender, birth date, or language cannot be made here; they require in-person conversation and documentation for the Registrar’s Office.)

    • Student Address and Phone section. In this section of the page, you can make changes to the student’s Physical Address, Mailing Address (if it’s a PO Box), and Phone.

      • Address Changes: If you change the Physical or Mailing Address, you will need to provide proof of residency. Residency documents can be scanned and uploaded in the Documents section of Home Access Center, mailed to ETHS, Residency Office, 1600 Dodge Ave, Evanston, IL 60201, or brought to the Residency Office in room S127. 

      • Phone Numbers: Please verify that the Phone Type is correct for any phone number shown on this screen, and fix if necessary. To add an additional phone number, click the Add Phone button, select the Phone Type, and type the number in the space provided. To delete a phone number, click to mark the Delete checkbox to the right of the phone number and then click the Delete Phone button.

    • Parent/Guardian Contact section. In this section of the page, parents/guardians can make changes for any Guardian or Emergency contact. Changes you can make include the Name, Relationship, Language, Email Address, Education Level, Physical Address, Mailing Address (if it’s a PO Box), Phone Numbers. You can also add a contact and change the priority of contacts.
      • Select one and only one Contact Type per contact, either Guardian or Emergency. Contact Type of Emergency is for an additional contact, someone who is not a parent or guardian of the student.

      • To add a Guardian or Emergency contact, click Add contact and then add the relevant information. Be sure to provide first name, last name, and either a phone number or email address for each additional Guardian or Emergency contact—and to check the box for Guardian or Emergency (choose one or the other—not both for the same person).

      • If you want to change the order of Priority of the Guardians and/or Emergency contacts, use the arrows in the Adjust Priority column.

    • Additional Information section. 
      • Consent for Release of Information. In this section, parents/guardians can update consent preferences to release student directory information by selecting "Yes" or "No" for any or all of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) categories:
      1. Media/Web/Publications (including the Graduation Program)
      2. Colleges and other educational institutions
      3. U.S. Military (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, etc.)
      4. Prospective Employers
      5. Political Offices
    The request to withhold directory information will be in effect until and unless you change your preferences. You may change your preferences at any time in your Home Access Center account.
      • Consent for Student Athletic Participation.  Consent here is required for your student to be eligible to participate in ETHS Student Athletics.
      • Consent for Student Activities Participation. Consent here is required for your student to be eligible to participate in ETHS Student Activities.
      • Guardian Military Status. Please update this section if one of your student's guardians enters or leaves the U.S. Military or is deployed or returns from deployment on Active Duty.
    • Documents section. If you make an address change for the Student or primary Guardian, you will have to provide proof of residency by submitting required documents as outlined in the "Required Proof of Residency Documents" chart. Residency documents can be scanned and uploaded in the Documents section of Home Access Center, mailed to ETHS, Residency Office, 1600 Dodge Ave, Evanston, IL 60201, or brought to the Residency Office in room S127. 

Required Proof of Residency Documents

  • You must provide documents from BOTH Category A and Category B.
     Category A – One (1) of the following documents: Category B –  Two (2) of the following documents
    • Real estate or property tax bill
    • Signed lease (Lease must expire after the first day of school for the upcoming school year)
    • Mortgage document or payment book
    • Illinois Housing Assistance Letter
    • Military housing letter
    • Residency Attestation Letter
    • Public aid card
    • Gas bill
    • Medicaid card
    • Electric bill
    • Food stamp card
    • Water/Sewer bill
    • Credit card statement
    • Phone bill (no cell bill)
    • Pay check stub
    • Cable bill
    • City sticker receipt
    • Vehicle registration
    • Driver’s license/State ID
    • Bank statement

Home Access Center Help

  • Parents/guardians who need assistance with Home Access Center, including getting an account set up, can contact the Home Access Help Desk 847-424-7121 or email

    Students who need HAC assistance can stop by the South Technology Center in S220.