Juniors Proving Residency

  • Evanston Township High School (ETHS) District 202 requires proof of residency for all current ETHS students entering their junior year (grade 11). Our intent in verifying residency for junior year is to ensure that we are in compliance with state law and to fulfill our obligation to District 202 taxpayers that we allocate resources to educate all eligible students who legally reside within district boundaries.

    Parents/guardians are required to provide proof of residency to ETHS District 202 by the May 1 deadline before the start of junior year. ETHS will notify families during sophomore (grade 10) year when the requirement is due.

    Residency information must be uploaded to ETHS via Registration Update in Home Access Center. Families in need of assistance with scanning the required information should come to the Residency Office located in S127. Please complete the Registration Update form online prior to coming in for assistance.

    Families receiving McKinney-Vento assistance should come to the Residency Office and speak with the Residency Officer.

    To ensure compliance with residency requirements, all documents must be submitted by the May 1 deadline. Once the required documents are submitted and have been reviewed, you will receive a letter to indicate whether your residency has been cleared or if additional information is needed.

    If you have any questions about the proof of residency process, please contact the Residency Office at 847-424-7182 or email Residency@eths202.org.

How to Provide Proof of Residency

  • Here are the basic steps for updating your student's ETHS registration information online, including providing proof of Residency. 
    1. Log in to Home Access Center using your own parent/guardian user name and password.

    2. Navigate to Registration > Registration Update.

    3. Complete a Returning Student Registration form for each student in your family.


    If you have questions, please call the Residency Office at 847-424-7182 for assistance.