College Application Process for Class of 2024

  • The information below has been shared with the Class of 2024 students via our Google Site ETHS to College & Career Guide

    Applying to college can be an exciting time for students, but it can also be filled with uncertainties and many questions.  ETHS School Counselors and the College and Career Services team, are here to support and walk students and families through the process.  Below outlines what the college application entails for all ETHS students.  

    What Does Applying to College Involve?

    • Completing & submitting an online application 
    •  Requesting application documents be sent from your school (ETHS)
      1. Official Transcript (most of the time)
      2. School Report form (completed by counselor)
      3. Counselor Recommendation Letter, if required (often required with Common App schools, sometimes required for other schools)
      4. ETHS School Profile
      5. Application Fee Waiver (for students on free/reduced lunch)
    • Requesting Teacher Recommendation Letters (when required)
    • Sending official test scores via and/or (SAT) - unless the college is Test-Optional or accepts unofficial scores during the application process.


    The Application

    • Some colleges use the Common Application ( The Common App opens on August 1. You can complete and submit one Common App to multiple schools, but you must first register with Common App through its website. Individual schools may require that you complete a school-specific writing supplement, and pay their application fee. Follow instructions for each school carefully. 
    • Some colleges are also using the Coalition Application ( You must create your own Coalition account. You will check the box in your Coalition account to indicate that you will be sending your transcript separately, and then you must request your supplemental materials such as recommendation letters and transcript through SchooLinks.
    • ETHS does not begin accepting Document Requests until the end of August each school year. Prioritize the completion of applications by deadlines as well as order of preference. For colleges with Rolling Admission, apply early. To be considered for scholarships/financial aid offered by individual colleges, you may be required to submit applications earlierApply well before each school’s deadline.
    • Types of deadlines include Rolling Admission, Priority Deadline, Early Action, Early Decision, and Regular Decision. (Refer to NACAC Definitions of Admission Options in Higher Education .)
    • ETHS will automatically send schools your 7th semester senior grades/midyear transcript for any college that requires it on your College Application List in SchooLinks. 
    • Your final transcript will be sent to the school you will be attending based on your completion of the Senior Graduation Survey and updating your enrollment decision on SchooLinks. Final transcripts are sent by teh middle of June each school year.


    Requesting Application Documents Be Sent From ETHS

    • Request your official transcript and other school documents to be sent to the schools to which you are applying directly through SchooLinks College Application Manager.
    • Once a student moves a College to ‘In Progress’ through SchooLinks College Application Manager and requests the supporting documents, the Counseling Office will be preparing and submitting the requested application documents electronically via SchooLinks.
    • You must submit Document Requests to the Counseling Office according to ETHS deadlines. This means you must be prepared to submit your request(s) 4 weeks before the college’s application deadline. This allows ETHS staff ample time for the preparation and submission of your request. Transcript/Application Document Requests Due to Counselor. Allow up to 4 weeks for processing of application documents and transcript.
      1. October 4 - For College Applications with November 1 Deadlines
      2. October 18 - For College Applications with November 15 Deadlines
      3. November 27 - For College Applications with January 1 & 15 Deadlines
    • Some schools require students to complete a Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR); they do not want an official transcript to be sent during the application process. You still should complete and submit a SchooLInks Request given that you still may need an item other than a transcript to be sent, such as an Application Fee Waiver. Even if you do not, submitting a SchooLinks Request allows us to track your College Application List, and will more easily facilitate the process of sending a final transcript later if you are admitted and decide to attend the school.
    • Many applications require that a School Report form be completed by your counselor. The Common App has its own School Report form. Most colleges also want to see an ETHS School Profile. The ETHS School Profile and the appropriate School Report form are automatically submitted for each of the schools moved to ‘Incomplete’ on SchooLinks Submission Tracker.
    • Complete the Class of 2024, Pre-Recommendation Survey and Resume in SchooLinks. if your application requires a Counselor Recommendation Letter, it is mandatory that you complete the Pre-Recommendation Survey  in your SchooLinks ‘To-Dos’ list. Allow your counselor at least four weeks to write your letter. The 4-week turnaround begins at the time students have provided ALL necessary documents/information to counselor.
    • Application Fee Waivers are available for students receiving free or reduced lunch. Check off this option on the SchooLinks Application Setup. For Common App schools, students also must complete fee waiver requests via their Common App account at You can find this option by clicking on the Common App tab and then completing the “Common App Fee Waiver” segment of the Profile section. 


    Requesting Teacher Recommendation Letters 

    (when required)

    Teacher Recommendation Letters must be requested directly from your teachers. 

    If a teacher agrees to write a recommendation letter for you, you must follow-up by adding a request in SchooLinks. 

    1. Student navigates to the Colleges tab in SchooLinks and scrolls down to College Applications. 
    2. Under “Incomplete,”,” choose existing or add a College/University.4. Click “Add Application”
    3. Select ‘Request Teacher Evaluation’
    4. Search for teacher(2) who has agreed to write the recommendation, locate, and assign teacher(s).

    Student repeats the process for ALL teacher requests they want to make for EACH COLLEGE.

    If your recommender is not a current ETHS teacher and they do NOT have an ETHS SchooLinks account, you can still add them Manually as a request! Your recommender will then receive an email with instructions on how to utilize the SchooLinks Recommendation Portal upload to your letter.Allow your recommenders at least FOURweeks to write your letter. A thank-you note to your recommender(s) is always appreciated.


    Sending Official Test Scores 

    (unless the college is Test-Optional or accepts unofficial scores with initial application)

    • Send Score Reports to colleges (ACT and/or SAT) if you did not request your scores to be sent when you took the test. Go to (ACT) or (SAT).
    • Many colleges have become Test Optional, and even some are Test Free. As of August, 2023, indicates that 2,000 accredited 4-Year colleges & universities have ACT/SAT-Optional Testing Policies for Fall, 2023 Admissions
    • ETHS high school code/CEEB code: 141860
    • Class of 2024 graduation date: May 19, 2024
    • Date you entered high school: August, 2020 (unless you are a transfer student)
    • Class size/number of students in senior class: will be shared via SchooLinks after August 30.


  • Class of 2024 Counselors

    Jason Brookes
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    Anitra Holloway-Nelson
    Anthony Johnson
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    Karen Morris
    Cheryl Sussewell



    Office Location: E125

    Counseling Secretary
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    College & Career Coordinator
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    Post-Secondary Counselor
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    ISACorps Representative
    Oakton College Recruitment & Outreach Specialist
    Office Location W220, The Hub 

Find Your Counselor

  • Evanston Township High School designates counselors by grade level who travel with their students throughout their four years at ETHS. In addition, several counselors specialize in providing supplemental college and career planning services for students.

    All grade-level counselors are located in Room E125. Click here for contact information.