Common Application Specifics

    • Students must create (or rollover) an account with Common App after August 1 at
    • For ETHS to be able to send transcripts and other documents to Common Application schools using SchooLinks, the student must complete the Common App Account Matching process.  
    • In your Common App account at, you must complete the “current or most recent secondary/high school segment” of the Education section of the Common App tab.
    • Add at least one college to My Colleges list.
    • Read & sign the FERPA Release Authorization in the Recommenders & FERPA section of My Colleges tab. Read more about what this is here.
    • Then, go to the Colleges I’m Applying To page under the Colleges tab of your SchooLinks Student account to complete the Common App Account Matching process. Your last name and date of birth must be exactly the same in SchooLinks and in your Common App account.
    • If you want to request an application fee waiver for a Common App school, you must complete the request from within your Common App account. If you are on free/reduced lunch, you qualify for an application fee waiver. You can find this option by clicking on the Common App tab and then completing the “Common App Fee Waiver” segment of the Profile section.
    • If you are applying Early Decision I or II, you and your parent/legal guardian must complete their part of the Early Decision Agreement from within your Common App account.
    • Those applying with the Common App have an option of inviting someone to be an Advisor. An advisor can be anyone who is assisting you with your application process. An advisor can view your Common Application and give you personalized feedback. Please note that ETHS counselors will not be accepting invitations to be an Advisor given that they already act as Recommenders and serve as advisors for all the students on their caseload. You may consider inviting a teacher, mentor, or other influential and knowledgeable adult in your life to be an Advisor.

Coalition Application Specifics

    • The only school that exclusively uses the Coalition Application is the University of Washington - meaning they only use the Coalition Application. 
    • Students at ETHS submit all Document Requests in SchooLinks for any college to which they are applying via the Coalition Application

    The student completes their portion of the application in their Coalition account ( Students check a box when filling out their Coalition Application to indicate that they will be sending their transcript separately (i.e., via SchooLinks at ETHS). In this scenario, ETHS may send transcript and counselor recommendations via SchooLinks, and the student does not have to send requests for these to their counselor via their Coalition account.