Transcript/Application Documents

    1. All Transcript and Document Requests are placed in SchooLinks by the student. Note that if you have taken high school courses somewhere other than ETHS, ETHS also will need to submit an official transcript from any/all of those previous educational institutions to each college. Please ensure that your counselor has a transcript(s) from your previous school(s).
      *ETHS School Profile and the appropriate School Report form are automatically submitted with transcript.
      *Test Scores: ETHS does not send ACT or SAT test scores. Please go to or (SAT) to have official scores sent to colleges if you need to do so.
    2. Counselors will use the information provided on the Pre-Recommendation Survey and Resume in SchooLinks to write required Counselor recommendations. Students must complete the Pre-Recommendation Survey and Resume in SchooLinks within 72 hours of submitting a Counselor Recommendation request. Allow your counselor at least four weeks to write your letter.
    3. To complete the COMMON APP ACCOUNT MATCHING PROCESS, you must create an account with using the exact same name as used in your SchooLinks account. In your Common App account, you must complete the “current or most recent secondary/high school” segment of the Education section, add at least one college to My Colleges list, and read & sign the FERPA Release Authorization in the Recommenders & FERPA section of My Colleges tab. Then, go to your SchooLinks account and complete the matching process on your Colleges Applications Page where instructions and a video tutorial are available to assist you as you complete the process. For ETHS to be able to send transcripts and other application documents to Common Application schools using SchooLinks, the student must complete the Common App Account Matching Process..
    4. Specific schools that require the SELF-REPORTED ACADEMIC RECORD (SRAR) currently include but are not limited to the following: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Illinois State, the University of California system (Nov. 1-30), University of Minnesota, and Iowa State. Always refer to a school’s website to check current requirements.
    5. ETHS does not send ACT or SAT test scores to colleges. The only way you can arrange for colleges to receive OFFICIAL TEST SCORES is to have them sent directly from ACT or THE COLLEGE BOARD (SAT). If you did not indicate that you wanted scores sent to colleges when you registered for the tests, you can have the official scores sent from or . If you need help with that procedure, ask your counselor for details, or talk to the College & Career Services counselors & staff.
    6. Special note: Seventh semester (mid-year) transcripts are sent automatically to each institution for which you have submitted a request for in SchooLinks.
    7. TEACHER RECOMMENDATIONS must be requested directly from your teachers. If a teacher agrees to write a recommendation letter, follow-up by adding a request on SchooLinks. If your recommender is not a current ETHS teacher and they do NOT have an ETHS SchooLinks account, you can still add them manually as a request! Your recommender will then receive an email with instructions on how to utilize the SchooLinks Recommendation Portal to upload your letter.