Planning for College

  • College & Career Services staff work in partnership with students, their families, and their counselors to help identify the specific things that need to be done during each year of high school to plan and prepare for college.


College Visits

  • ETHS students are encouraged to schedule their college visits when school is not in session. However, if an absence is required for students to attend a college visit, please follow the procedure listed below to notify ETHS:  

    • Planned Absences
      A planned absence requires that a parent/guardian use myETHS Absence Request and provide documentation as relevant in advance of the absence. The AP for Student Services will provide approval as appropriate. Parents/guardians should not call the Student Attendance Line to report planned absences.  

    Note: An absence, accompanied by a planned absence form for the purpose of visiting a college, will not count towards the  absence maximum per class per semester. Learn more on the Attendance Guidelines webpage.

    To help prepare for your college visit, students should consider  the following:  

    • Discuss interviewing techniques with their counselor or the ETHS College & Career Coordinator, if appropriate.  
    • Take a list of their activities or a resume in case they are asked for this information.  
    • Bring an unofficial copy of their transcript. Unofficial copies of student transcripts are available on  Home Access Center (HAC).  
    • Students interested in studying fine arts, should develop a portfolio. 

    Discuss what you would like to see or learn at the school. Both students and parents/guardians should make a list that includes items such as the career/placement center, student involvement opportunities, counseling and tutorial services, health services, facilities and residence halls, transportation options, and more. 

    Learn how to measure your visit experience through campus evaluations and what to look for during a college visit.