Framework for In-Person Experiences

  • Guiding principles for in-person experiences:

    • Preserve continuity of instruction.
    • Provide multiple safe, ungraded, enrichment experiences, with a focus on student wellbeing and belonging.
    • Provide students whose home circumstances require a safe, supervised space in the building daily to participate in Enhanced E-learning.  
    • Provide students an opportunity to connect with peers and staff in a safe, socially distant environment


    In-Person Experiences at ETHS:



    • Provides personal connection with staff and social interactions with peers
    • Provides social interactions, outside the home, which are crucial to mental health
    • All students participate in Enhanced E-learning for academics
    • Maintains continuity of instruction
    • Access to technology and equipment
    • Hybrid instruction is an inferior model
    • Supported by staff
    • Gets students reacclimated to ETHS
    • Supports and boosts Enhanced E-learning