Click on Academic Eligibility Overview for info on academic requirements for all five (5) levels of college athletics.

    • You are a student-athlete. Grades from every year count equally and can ruin your chances of playing college sports.
    • See College Bound Student Athlete Advisor with questions.
    • The NCAA has drastically changed academic requirements.
      • An NCAA CORE GPA under 2.3 makes you ineligible for competition and it STARTS counting day 1 freshman year!!
        • Your CORE GPA does NOT include PE, art, music or other non-qualifying classes. 
        • Your CORE GPA includes specific approved English, Math, Science, Social Science, Language, Religion and Philosophy classes - NOT all core subject area classes are approved. Look for the "N" in your course guide or see NCAA Core Course List.
      • A high CORE GPA will make you more desirable to college coaches and admissions offices.
    • Your SAT/ACT score is equally important for eligibility!
      • The lower your NCAA CORE GPA the higher your ACT needs to be on the NCAA sliding scale.
      • For NAIA eligibility, you need a minimum 18 ACT composite (no sliding scale) and a minimum 2.0 school GPA.

    Meet with Mrs. Anderson to confirm you are meeting eligibility requirements!!


    Read the NCAA College Bound Student Athlete Guide (NCAA Guide)



    • Determine your Reasons for pursuing college athletics
    • Realistically determine what level you can play, or what is needed to reach the desired athletic level
      • Talk to your coaches and parents
      • Train, practice and compete. Summers are especially productive in making local, regional and national connections, as well as building skills
      • 5 Levels of College Athletics
    • Talk with your counselor and the College Bound Student Athlete Advisor about your goals
    • Create an athletic resume and update it every year
    • You can start reaching out to coaches at anytime by filling out questionnaires, emailing, calling, visiting college campuses, attending college camps.
    • Know how to maintain amateur status (NCAA Guide)