Allergy Management in a School Setting

  • If your student has been diagnosed with potentially life-threatening allergies to certain foods, allergies to stinging insects, latex, or other substances, Evanston Township High School requests the following information each school year:

    1. Instructions from your child’s health care provider for the school to follow in the event your child experiences an allergic reaction while at school. You may elect to use one of the allergy plans provided on this page or one from your own health care provider.

    2. Information about any prescribed medication to be used if an allergic reaction occurs, such as an Epi-Pen®. In addition to the allergy plan, please complete the Medication Authorization Form below and return it to school. The health care provider should indicate on these documents if your child may carry and self-administer the medication.

    These documents require a signature from both the health care provider and the parent/guardian. Bring the completed and signed document(s), along with any prescribed medication to be kept at school, to the Nurses' Office, Room N121 during the hours listed on this page.

    To discuss your child’s allergy with a school nurse, call (847) 424-7260.

Allergy Plan Resources

Medication Authorization Form

  • Medication Authorization Form

    To gain authorization for a new medication or change in medication, submit the Medication Authorization Form along with the prescription medication in its original container from the pharmacy to the school nurse at the beginning of the school day. This can also be done prior to the start of the school year for routine medications. Download this form and have it completed, signed and dated by the health care provider who prescribed the medication.
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