PE Uniforms

  • Freshman and transfer students will receive a physical education uniform and one Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) band during the first week of classes. The uniform and HRM band are included in the initial annual school fee. The PE uniform is required for all students to participate and receive full credit.
    Transfer students may pick up a uniform from the Equipment Room and locker assignment from the PE Office (G115). The HRM band and uniform is expected to last the entire high school career.
    All students can purchase additional or replacement uniforms during school hours in the PE Office (G115) or online at the ETHS Web Store. No refunds available.
    PE Uniform ($10 for the t-shirt and $10 for the shorts) $20.00
    Heart Rate Monitor band $10.00
    For more information, call the Physical & Wellness Education Office at 847-424-7270.

    PE Uniform Policy

    Listed below are the procedures for wearing a proper PE uniform that safely prepares you for physical activity. 


    • All students are required to be fully dressed in the approved ETHS PE uniform and athletic shoes daily. 

    • Absolutely no jeans, pants or jean shorts are to be worn during PE class.

    • Athletic gym shoes are required.  Absolutely no flip-flops, sandals, spikes, boots, etc. are acceptable for PE class.

    • All students must have their name on their PE uniform.  See your PE teacher for more information.

    • All students must wear their own PE uniform and should not share with others.

    • All students must wear their PE uniform properly.

    • All students should clean their uniform regularly and practice proper hygiene after each PE class.

    • Students who are wearing any of the following items will not be allowed to participate in daily physical activity for safety reasons. 

      • Non-athletic attire (Including, but not limited to jeans, khakis, skirts, tank tops, etc)

      • Non-athletic footwear (Including, but not limited to boots, sandals, crocs, etc)

    • Students who are not allowed to participate in physical activity may be required to attend the PERC.

    Swim Attire Requirements

    • All students must wear authentic swim attire while in the pool.

    • Students swimming are required to wear either a full one-piece swimsuit or swim trunks.

    • Two-piece bikinis and tankinis are not allowed.  

    • T-shirts are not allowed in the pool.  Students who want more cover may wear a certified swim top with sleeves.

    • Additional modifications to swimwear with departmental approval.

    Outdoor PE Attire

    • All students are expected to participate in physical activity in temperatures no lower than 40°. 

    • Students are required to wear their PE uniform and appropriate footwear when class is outside. 

    • Students may wear a long sleeved top and/or sweatpants over their PE uniform on cold days.

    PE materials

    • All students are expected to bring their heart rate monitor (HRM) bands and Chromebooks to PE class when instructed to do so.  It is recommended that students leave their HRM bands in their PE locker for daily use.

    • Students are not allowed to bring cell phones to class unless they communicate in advance with their teacher and are used for instructional purposes. Students are expected to secure their cell phones in their locker for the duration of the class period.

    • Never bring valuable items to PE class.  All students are responsible for securing their belongings. See the PILOT for more information.