PE Uniforms

  • Freshman and transfer students will receive a physical education uniform and one Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) band during the first week of classes. In addition, all incoming and transfer female students will be issued one high-security lock. The uniform, HRM band, and lock are included in the annual school fee. The PE uniform is required for freshman and sophomore PE. Junior and senior students are allowed to wear either their PE uniform or appropriate athletic clothing.
    Transfer students may pick up a uniform and lock from the PE Office. The HRM band, lock, and uniform is expected to last the entire high school career.
    All students can purchase additional or replacement uniforms during school hours in the PE Office (G115) or online at the ETHS Web Store. No refunds available.
    PE Uniform ($10 for the t-shirt and $10 for the shorts) $20.00
    Heart Rate Monitor band $10.00
    Replacement high-security lock $10.00
    For more information call the Physical & Wellness Education Office at 847-424-7270.