Medical Excuse Policy

  • Students who are unable to participate in physical activity due to a medical issue must follow the procedures below:

    • Bring your medical note to the Nurses' Office (N121). The note must be signed by a health care provider, stating the extent of the injury or illness, specific limitations, and duration of absence.
    • The Nurses' Office will process the medical note and provide you with a pass (print out of medical excuse) to the PE Resource Center (PERC) located in W133.
    • Bring the medical excuse pass to W133, the PERC, and check in.
    • Medically excused students should arrive on time to the PERC each day during their PE class period for the duration of the medical excuse. Students will be given written PE assignments provided by the PE teacher or supervising PE teacher on duty.
    • Students are responsible to report back to PE on the specified medical release date.