PE Academic Supports

  • Physical Education Resource Center (PERC)

    Location: W133  

    Students report to PERC when unable to participate in PE, or when unprepared for class. Students will have required reading and writing assignments based on physical fitness, wellness, nutrition, and/or driver's education.

    A pass is required from a teacher or nurse for admittance to PERC.

    Students come to PERC because they are:

    • Referred by their PE teacher; no walk-ins allowed
    • Unable to participate in physical activity for a extended period of time; have a medical excuse pass
    • Receiving academic support for PE
    • Working on group projects
    • Making up or retaking assigned work or exams
    • Not prepared for PE class


    Physical Activity Student Support (PASS)

    Location: G158

    The purpose of PASS is to provide an equitable opportunity to students on their free or lunch periods, during regular school hours, to engage in make-up physical activity after they have been absent from a regularly scheduled physical activity class.

    • Students are expected to scan in for the PASS using their student ID.
    • Students are expected to arrive wearing appropriate workout attire and their heart rate monitor strap.
    • A student may earn up to 10 points for a full workout. (Maintaining their target heart rate zone for 20 minutes.)
    • One point is earned for every two minutes the student remains in their target heart rate zone.
    • Students may only make up points for one class at a time. If students are in multiple PE classes, they must clarify to the supervisor upon arrival.


  • Physical Education Resource Center 
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