PE Locks & Lockers

  • Locker Information

    All students have an assigned PE locker. Students should check their myETHS account for accurate PE locker information. Sharing lockers with another student is not permitted. 

    Lock Information

    All students are encouraged to use their high security PE lock throughout their time at ETHS. However, students may choose to use their own personal lock for PE. Students are expected to use the same lock each year, during their four year tenure at ETHS. All students are responsible for remembering their PE lock combinations. Students are encouraged to register their lock on their myETHS account for their reference. Student combinations will not be shared with safety, athletics or PE departments.

    Students who forget their lock combinations will have their lock cut from the locker. Students must complete the ETHS Safety Staff Authorization to Remove/Cut PE Lock form within 24 hours to remove a lock from the PE locker.  Students will then be responsible for purchasing another lock for their PE locker.

    Student Expectations

    • Students are responsible for securing their lockers after each use - spin the dial to ensure the lock is secure. Reported incidents of theft often occur when students do not properly secure personal property.
    • Report any lock/locker problems in the gym wing immediately to the PE Office (G116).
    • School issued high security locks - given to all incoming freshmen and transfer students - should be used for PE lockers. However, students who choose to use their own personal locks may exercise that option.
    • When you are assigned to swimming, you will need to bring your PE lock each day to the pool locker room - to secure your belongings -  and remove it at the end of each period.
    • Sharing lockers with another student is not permitted. Do not give locker combinations to friends and associates. The student assigned to a locker will be held responsible for items stored in that locker.
    • Never bring expensive items or cash to PE class, even if you plan to lock it up carefully. Students are advised not to store valuables in the PE lockers.
    • Students are responsible for their personal property. The school is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen personal property brought to school or to a school activity. Report lost or stolen property by completing the "Lost Property Report Form."  Additionally, please report your lost or stolen property to the Safety Office (H102).
    • All sophomores must vacate their PE locker by the last day of each semester. Freshmen, juniors, and seniors must vacate their PE locker during the designated locker clean-out date near the end of the school year. Locker contents and locks will be removed after the completion of classes.