PE Locks & Lockers

  • Locker Information

    • Students are assigned a PE locker in the Gym Wing upon their entry to ETHS. 
    • Students are assigned to lockers and locker rooms for PE according to the student’s gender as reflected in the official student record. Students and their families have the right to request a change to the student’s name and/or gender listed in the official student record to correspond with their gender identity. Use the Student Advocacy Form to notify ETHS of this request or to request access to the All Gender locker room.  
    • Any student who has a need or desire for increased privacy, regardless of the underlying reason, may request access to restrooms or changing spaces with increased privacy. Requests for increased privacy can be made by filling out the Student Advocacy Form.

    Lock Information

    • The PE locker rooms have integrated locks built into the lockers. Students will require a personal lock when utilizing the pool locker room during the swim unit.
    • Student combinations will not be shared with ETHS staff, including safety, athletics staff, or PE teachers. Students can view their locker number and combination in the MyETHS app.Only The PE Department Chair can retrieve locker combinations. Students who forget their locker combinations and do not have access to MyETHS should go to the PE Office-G115 for support.

    Student Expectations and Policies

    • Students are responsible for securing their lockers after each use.
    • Spin the dial to ensure the lock is secure.
    • Reported incidents of theft often occur when students do not properly secure personal property.
    • Never bring expensive items or cash to school or store valuables in the PE lockers.
    • During PE Swim units, students will need to bring a personal lock each day to to secure their belongings in the pool locker room and remove the lock at the end of each class period.
    • Report any PE locker problems immediately to the locker room attendant as well as the PE Office (G115). 
    • Sharing lockers with another student is not permitted!
      • Do not give locker combinations to friends and associates.
      • The student assigned to a locker will be held responsible for items stored in that locker. 
    • Students are responsible for their personal property stored in PE locker rooms. The school is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen personal property stored in PE locker rooms.
    • Report lost or stolen property by completing the "Lost Property Report Form." 
    • ALL STUDENTS must vacate their PE locker during the designated locker clean-out date near the end of the school year.
    • Locker contents left after the official end of locker clean-out will be removed and will not be retrievable.