Steps Toward Academic Excellence (STAE)

  • Steps Toward Academic Excellence (STAE) is a four year academic support program with a two year guided study hall. STAE Study Halls are facilitated by grade level teachers who place an emphasis on study skills, organization, and time management. Teachers also monitor students’ academic progress. STAE is by invitation only based on the criteria listed below. The STAE Program is committed to helping high-potential students, especially students of color, to achieve success in Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) curriculum.

    STAE Program Goals

      • To increase the number of students of color in Honors and AP courses
      • To provide academic and motivational support to encourage students to meet their full potential
      • To introduce students to a network of colleges and universities in support of their post-secondary plans
      • To develop a close relationship between parent, student and school


    STAE Student Criteria

    The criteria for student invitation are:

      • Highly motivated with the desire to be in Honors and AP courses
      • 8th grade MAP test RIT score of 228 and above in reading or specified RIT scores for math depending on math course placement
      • Recommendations by middle school and ETHS placement team
      • Successful completion of STAE’s summer program preceding freshman year and recommendation by STAE’s summer staff


    STAE Program Requirements

      • By invitation only. Invitations are based on student criteria and recommendations from 8th grade staff at the ETHS placement meetings.
      • For STAE: Strongly encouraged to take a summer school course the summer before freshman year.



Office Hours

  •   Regular Summer
    Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:00pm Closed