• Naviance Student is a comprehensive online college and career planning tool that complements individual appointments, college information seminars, college reps, and general resources. 

    Naviance Student is an online tool that allows students to:

    • Complete a resume and post-secondary plan
    • Explore careers to find matches for interests and skills and view majors and educational requirements
    • Look up colleges by name or create a list from a college search
    • View the college visit list to find out which colleges are visiting and sign up to attend sessions
    • Link directly to scholarship applications
    • Analyze GPAs and test scores of ETHS students accepted to colleges and find colleges that accepted similar students through college match

    Each student and parent/guardian is provided with a personal registration code to create a Family Connection account. Students can get registration codes from counselors or College & Career Services staff. We encourage students and parents to register as early as freshman year. Targeted emails may be sent to registered students alerting them to deadlines, upcoming events, college visits, and other important information. 

    Visit the Naviance Student log in page.