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    Click on Academic Eligibility Overview for information on academic requirements for all five (5) levels of college athletics.

    • See College Bound Student Athlete Advisor with questions.
    • You are a student-athlete. Grades from every year count equally and can ruin your chances of playing college sports.
    • The NCAA has drastically changed academic requirements to the point where 40% of the college students in certain sports would be ineligible under the new rules
      • An NCAA CORE GPA under 2.3 can make you ineligible and it STARTS freshman year!!
        • Your CORE GPA does NOT include PE, art, music or other non-qualifying classes. Look for the "N" in your course guide or see NCAA Core Course List
        • Your CORE GPA includes specific approved English, Math, Science, Social Science, Language, Religion and Philosophy classes - NOT all core subject area classes are approved.
      • A high CORE GPA will make you more desirable to college coaches and admissions offices

    Download and start filling in the NCAA CORE GPA Calculator after your first semester and update it every semester.

    Meet with Mrs. Anderson to confirm you are meeting eligibility requirements!!


    Read the NCAA College Bound Student Athlete Guide (NCAA Guide)




    • Determine your Reasons for pursuing college athletics
    • Realistically determine what level you can play, or what is needed to reach the desired athletic level
      • Talk to your coaches and parents
      • Train, practice and compete. Summers are especially productive in making local, regional and national connections, as well as building skills
      • 5 Levels of College Athletics
    • Talk with your counselor and the College Bound Student Athlete Advisor about your goals
    • Create an athletic resume and update it every year - keep newspaper clippings, score sheets, tournament programs 
    • You can start reaching out to coaches at anytime by filling out online questionnaires, emailing, calling, visiting college campuses, attending college camps.
    • Know how to maintain amateur status (NCAA Guide)