• Realistically evaluate what level you can play, or what is needed to reach the desired athletic level
        Talk to your coaches and parents
      • Train, practice and compete. Summers are especially productive in making local, regional and national connections, as well as building skills
      • 5 Levels of College Athletics
      • Talk with your counselor and the College Bound Student Athlete Advisor about your goals
    • Update your athletic resume 
      • Talk to your coaches for direction and recommendations.
      • You can start reaching out to coaches at anytime by filling out questionnaires, emailing, calling, visiting college campuses, attending college camps.
      • Make initial contact with college coaches via questionnaires, email & phone. Don’t wait for coaches to contact you!
    • Tips for Communicating with Coaches
      • Talk to coaches while you are on campus (coaches may communicate with student-athletes while on unofficial visits to the college, unless it is a "dead period" - see NCAA sport specific recruiting calendars for "dead," "quiet," and "evaluation" periods
      • Include your 1 page athletic resume
      • Track content discussed with college coaches - emails and calls
      • Create short video/highlight video of you in recent competition
      • Go on unofficial visits to narrow down search. Unofficial visits are made at your own expense and are unlimited


    • AMATEURISM: Know how to maintain amateur status (NCAA Guide)
    • Attend College Info Session with Mrs. Arey, College & Career Coordinator
      • Develop list of qualities desired in a university
      • Develop list of qualities desired in an athletic program

    • Continue to make academics a priority! A higher GPA will make you more desirable to college coaches. 
    • The NCAA locks in 10 core course grades before the start of senior year - meaning you can't replace those with better grades senior year.
    • Know the grades and test scores you must get to gain academic eligibility. 
    • Fall - REGISTER with NCAA Eligibility Center
    • REGISTER to take SAT/SAT II and/or ACT and have scores sent to #9999 (NCAA) and/or #9876 (NAIA) - if you want to retake SAT or ACT, note the registration deadlines for the next test and remember to send the scores again to the NCAA/NAIA.