AP Exam Day Guidelines

  • What should I expect on AP Exam day?

    AP Exam schedules with room numbers will be added to student and parent myETHS accounts prior to the start of a student's first AP Exam. Students should arrive to the exam room listed in their myETHS account 10 minutes before their AP Exam is scheduled to begin. Student check-in, distribution of exam material, collection of exam material, and completion of College Board required seating charts may add an additional 30-45 minutes to the overall testing time.

    What should I bring to the exam rooms?

    • School-issued or government-issued photo ID for check-in
    • Pencils
    • Black or dark blue pens
    • Approved calculators with the necessary capabilities for designated AP Exams in Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, or Statistics. Visit http://professionals.collegeboard.com/testing/ap/test-day/calculators to find the AP Exam calculator policy for each subject. For a list of approved graphing calculators, visit collegeboard.org/ap/calculators.
    • A ruler or straight edge for the AP Physics exam
    • If applicable, your Student Accommodation letter, which verifies that you have been approved for a testing accommodation

    What should I NOT bring to the exam rooms?

    Cell phones are not allowed in AP Exam testing rooms. College Board rules state that any student observed to have a cell phone will be dismissed from the exam room and their test will be invalidated.

    In addition, students are not permitted to bring mobile devices such as laptops, Chromebooks, tablet computers, portable listening or recording devices, cameras or other photographic equipment, watches that beep or have an alarm or watches that are connected to smart phones, devices that can access the Internet, and any other electronic or communication devices.

    What periods will I be excused for AP Testing?

    If students take AP exams on Tuesday-Friday at 8:00am, the students will be excused periods 6-9, the day before the exam and the periods they tested plus an additional period for lunch depending upon student dismissal time. Students testing on Monday at 8:00am will only be excused the periods they tested plus an additional period for lunch depending upon dismissal time.

    If students take a 12:00pm exam, they will be excused the entire day of the exam.

    Students should allow for a two to three day turn-around for absences due to AP testing to be cleared by the Attendance Office.

    Will lunch be served on test day?

    If students are testing through sixth period, one cafeteria will remain open 7th period to accommodate AP exam students.

    Students taking the AP Spanish Language & Culture and the Music Theory exams will be provided sack lunches, since student recording sessions may extend testing time past 7th period. If students prefer, they can bring their own sack lunches.

    Students approved for extended time accommodations testing will be provided sack lunches.

    What extra resources are available to help me prepare?

    Visit the Testing Resources web page for a list of extra resources.

    When are my AP exam scores available?

    AP Exam scores are available online in early July at apscore.collegeboard.org/scores. Students must sign up for a College Board account in order to access their scores.

    For additional information regarding AP testing, please refer to the AP Bulletin for Students and Parents by visiting https://apstudent.collegeboard.org/takingtheexam/about-exams.