Testing Accommodations

  • Test accommodations are available on standardized achievement tests for students who have a diagnosed disability or medical condition and an educational plan (either an IEP or a 504) that includes testing accommodations. Students with active IEPs or 504s and their parents/guardians can access secure information about their accommodations approval status and accommodation testing room assignments by logging into their myETHS account.


    Standardized tests (such as ACT, SAT, and AP) are all given through one of two private test companies (ACT or College Board). They are not obligated to accommodate a student for standardized testing, but they will review applications for eligibility and make determinations based on the history of need and documentation submitted. Both companies require evidence of an impairment or disability that requires an accommodation in order to access the test (disabilities include physical, medical, learning, emotional/psychological, hearing, vision, language, etc.). In addition, both companies have firm due dates for making such a request 6 – 8 weeks prior to a testing date. Requests cannot be made just before a test (the exception to this can be an emergency medical accommodation).


    If an accommodations request is denied, there is an appeals process for both ACT and College Board. The outcome may not be determined by the requested test date, so a student may have to change to a later test date if the student chooses to wait for the results of the appeal. The ETHS Testing Coordinator can provide guidance on how to make an appeal, but the parent/guardian is responsible for submitting all additional documentation required by the testing company in order to complete the appeal process.



    In April, all grade 9 students will participate in the state-administered PSAT 8/9 and all grade 10 students will participate in the state-administered PSAT 10. The request to College Board (all PSAT, SAT, and AP exams) can be made anytime by working with your student’s case manager or accessing the link to the consent form on each student’s myETHS page under the College Board section. Once this consent has been completed by the parent/guardian, it can be submitted to the case manager or directly to the RTI/PBIS and Testing Coordinator. The RTI/PBIS and Testing Coordinator will ensure all students approved for accommodations receive them in appropriate testing environments. Room assignments will be available on the student’s myETHS account a week before testing. Once a student’s accommodations have been approved by the College Board, the student may continue to receive these accommodations on subsequent exams through the College Board until they graduate. 



    This year holds the majority of standardized testing, including:

    • A state-sponsored SAT in April is a graduation requirement. Due to the length of the state-sponsored SAT, all students testing with extended time accommodations are required to take this assessment over two days. If accommodations have not yet been approved for students who wish to test with them, the student’s case manager will contact parents for consent. College Board accommodation requests for the SAT must be submitted by mid-February. The RTI/PBIS and Testing Coordinator will ensure all students approved for accommodations receive them in appropriate testing environments.


    • Advanced Placement (AP) exams take place during two weeks in May and are required for any students enrolled in an AP course. Pre-approval from the College Board is required to receive accommodations, with accommodation request paperwork due to the College Board no later than January 18, 2023.



    The ACT and SAT may be taken again at any time. Seniors in AP courses are required to take AP tests associated with each AP course (see your myETHS to determine your student’s approval status). Students must always request accommodations with each registration; they are not automatically added to a registration. Each time a student registers for a new exam date, promptly forward the registration confirmation email from the testing company to RTI/PBIS and Testing Coordinator, Anya Pierce, at piercea@eths202.org. This will ensure that the student’s approved accommodations will be assigned to each new exam registration. 


    Special Testing (ACT & SAT)

     Students who are approved for accommodations beyond 50% extended time complete special testing. This includes Breaks as needed/Stop-the-clock breaks, the use of a computer for writing portions, audio/MP3 or a Human Reader, 100% extended time, and/or testing over multiple days.  Students who need extra accommodations cannot test on a national testing date (a Saturday test date); they must take the test during the school day on the approved testing dates.


    Expectations for Students Testing with Accommodations 

    Students who test with extended time will finish testing later than students with standard time. The exact time depends on when a testing room starts, but students typically finish anytime between 1:00-2:30pm. The College Board requires students to use the entire time they are approved for. Students may not leave a testing room before the time has expired, even if they are done. Students that leave a testing room before the allotted time has expired risk forfeiting their exam score.


    Contact ACT or College Board 

    You can find out more about the tests, documentation requirements, timelines, etc. by visiting the following websites:

    College Board’s SAT or AP

    General information: www.collegeboard.com 

    Registration fee information: sat.collegeboard.org/register/us-services-fees

    Before registering for the SAT, log on to your myETHS page for your approval status and (if approved) your SSD approval code, as well as directions regarding how to register online at www.collegeboard.com



    General information: www.act.org

    Registration fee information: www.actstudent.org/regist/actfees

    Registration for all students- including students who receive testing accommodations- should be completed and paid for online at act.org. Once registered, the email confirmation from ACT should be immediately forwarded to the PBIS/RTI and Testing Coordinator, Anya Pierce, at piercea@eths202.org so that an official request for accommodations can be made. 



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