Testing Accommodations

  • Test accommodations are available on standardized achievement tests for students who have a diagnosed disability or medical condition and an educational plan (either an IEP or a 504) that includes testing accommodations. Students with active IEPs or 504s and their parents can access secure information about their accommodations approval status and accommodation testing room assignments through their myETHS account using their Home Access Center user name and password.

    The ETHS Testing Coordinator oversees requests for and delivery of approved accommodations on standardized achievement tests, mandatory district and state tests, and college entrance exams such as ACT and those administered through the College Board (PSAT, SAT, and Advanced Placement).

    Beginning in the 2023-2024 school year, the PSAT/NMSQT, as well as the state-administered PSAT 8/9, PSAT 10, and SAT are digital assessments that will be administered on Chromebooks at ETHS.

    Accommodations for College Entrance Tests
    ACT, Inc. and College Board are private test companies that are not obligated to accommodate for standardized testing. These test companies review applications for eligibility and make determinations based on the documentation submitted by the parent/guardian. Both companies require evidence of an impairment or disability that requires an accommodation in order to access the test (disabilities include physical, medical, learning, emotional/psychological, hearing, vision, language, etc.). In addition, both companies have firm due dates for making such a request 6 – 8 weeks prior to a testing date. Requests cannot be made just before a test (the exception to this can be an emergency medical accommodation).

    Certain accommodations including any time greater than 50% time in one session, multiple days, audio presentation, or use of computer cannot be provided on Saturday national college entrance test dates. In such cases, students must test in a prescribed window of time during the school day (see the Testing & Exams calendar for ACT and SAT Special Testing dates). ACT has a separate registration process for Special Testing (See ACT Special Testing (at/during school) Request Form).

    Once approved for accommodations by a test company, a student does not have to be re-approved for the specific accommodations. However, each time the student registers to take a college entrance test the parent must submit a request to the test company to add the approved accommodations. Test companies do not automatically add previously approved accommodations. If a request for accommodations is denied, there is an appeals process for both ACT and College Board. The outcome may not be determined by the requested test date, so a student may have to change to a later test date if the student chooses to wait for the results of the appeal. The ETHS Testing Coordinator can provide guidance on how to make an appeal, but the parent/guardian is responsible for submitting all additional documentation required by the testing company in order to complete the appeal process.


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