Semester Exams

  • Semester exams are a significant portion of the final grade in each course. Students who do not take an exam may not receive full credit for the course.

    Exams are given at the end of each semester (see Testing & Exams Calendar for specific exam dates). Students are not required to be at school if they do not have a scheduled exam on an exam day. All students (grades 9-12) are expected to be in attendance for their scheduled exams. 

    Exams are held in teacher classrooms unless the teacher provides different instructions. Exams are scheduled to be one hour and thirty minutes in length and take place during the exam period listed on the semester exam schedule. If a student has a double-period class, teachers will announce which exam period to attend. It is the student’s responsibility to check this schedule carefully. Taking semester exams early (exams scheduled before their actual date and time) is not permitted.

    Students must arrive at the classroom on time, ready to begin their exam at the scheduled start time. If a student arrives more than 5 minutes late for an exam, they will not be permitted to take the exam and must gain approval to schedule the missed exam for one of the make-up exam periods (see "Make-Up Exams" section below).

    AM Support. ETHS teachers will provide AM Support from 8:00-8:55am each day of exams. Students can attend AM Support each morning during exams even if they do not have an exam scheduled on that day. Students who choose to attend AM Support must arrive by 8:00am and are required to stay for the entire duration of the support period. AM Support will end at 8:55am in time for the 9:00am exam start time. The start time for the first exam of each day is 9:00am.

    CTA Bus Schedule. The CTA revises its bus schedule during exam week to accommodate the exam week schedule. EXPECT TRAFFIC DELAYS ON EXAM DAY. Please be sure to leave early on exam day to arrive at ETHS on time. Students must arrive at their classroom on time, ready to begin the exam at the scheduled time. If a student arrives more than 5 minutes late for an exam, they will not be permitted to take the exam and must schedule the missed exam for one of the make-up exam periods (see "Make-Up Exams" section below).

    Students will not be permitted to be in the hallways during exam times. Students should leave the building promptly after their last examination is completed. If a student chooses to stay in the building to study for an upcoming exam, they must be in the Student Success Center (The Hub), East Library or Central Library. These spaces will be open for quiet study from 8:00am until 2:30pm. NO ONE WILL BE ALLOWED TO REMAIN IN THE HALLS AFTER PASSING PERIODS.

    Students should bring a sufficient number of pens and/or well-sharpened pencils and a calculator, if permitted. Students may bring Chromebooks. All school policies will remain in effect and be enforced during exam week, including dress code and appropriate use of technology/electronic devices. While an examination is in progress, students must remain seated, facing forward with test materials flat on the desk. There must be no talking. If a student is found cheating, they will be asked to leave the classroom.

    To ensure the best possible environment, students will not be permitted to leave the classroom while exams are being administered. Students are to remain in the classroom for the full 90-minute exam period. Therefore, students are encouraged to bring other school study materials, including ETHS issued Chromebooks, and books in the event they finish an exam early.

    Silence must be maintained in the classrooms and in the hallways at all times. Classroom interruptions and students in the hallway make it very difficult to maintain a positive testing environment. Students are NOT permitted to visit neighboring high schools or middle schools on exam days.

    Make-Up Exams

    A make-up exam session is available from 2:30-4:00pm on each regular exam day. Students may also be scheduled to take a make-up exam during an exam period when they are not already scheduled for a regular exam. In addition, the 9:00am-2:30pm period of the Make-Up Exam Day will be reserved for make-up exams only. No regular exams will be scheduled during this make-up exam day and students are not expected to attend school on this day if they do not have a scheduled make-up exam. All approved make-up exams will be scheduled during one of the designated make-up exam periods to avoid creating conflicts.

    Students who cannot take their exams as scheduled because of a documented serious illness, or compelling, unexpected circumstances may appeal for a makeup exam by visiting Associate Principal Brown or his representative in the ETHS Main Lobby by 12:00pm on the day following the missed exam to receive an Admit Form to the assigned make-up testing location. The following are examples that are not considered compelling reasons to grant a makeup exam: lack of preparation, negligence, misinformation, or planned vacations and other events. Students will not be allowed to make-up any exam without a legitimate excuse and authorization from Mr. Brown.


  • Associate Principal of Operations & Logistics
    Robbie Brown
    (847) 424-7222
    Office Location H100 Building Map

Semester Exam Dates