Advanced Placement (AP) Exams

  • Advanced Placement (AP) courses offer college-level curriculum to high school students. ETHS offers AP courses that are connected directly to a wide variety of college majors and careers. Most colleges and universities in the U.S. offer college credit, placement out of introductory courses, or both, for qualifying AP exam scores. Illinois law requires public colleges and universities in Illinois to grant college course credit for AP exams with a score of 3 or higher.

    Every student is expected to take the AP exam in May. Taking AP is a sign that a student has chosen the most rigorous classes ETHS has to offer. AP exams are given at ETHS over a two-week period in May. ETHS students who complete an AP course receive a 1.0 point increase to their grade.

    Beginning in May 2024, the following exams are digital and will be taken with Chromebooks at ETHS: African American Studies, Computer Science Principles, English Language & Composition, English Literature & Composition, European History, and US History.

    AP Course Fee & Fee Payment

    The fee associated with each AP course includes proprietary online resources from the College Board and exam registration. The course fee is $98 per course or $15 per course if you qualify for Free/Reduced Price Meal Program. Students who are enrolled in an AP course at ETHS will be automatically registered to take the related AP exam offered by College Board. AP exam fees are part of the student account.

    All students are required to join their teacher’s AP Classroom before November 15. College Board will only provide exams for students who have joined their teacher’s AP Classroom. If students join after November 15, College Board will automatically charge an extra $45. The late fee is in addition to the $98 exam fee.

    To make a payment online, visit the ETHS Webstore and choose Student Fees & Obligations. To make a payment in person using cash, credit/debit card, certified check, or money order, visit the Student Accounts Office (H110) during regular school hours.

    AP Exam Registration & Fee Payment – Exam Only Option

    Students who want to take an AP exam for a course they are either not enrolled in or that is not offered at ETHS (i.e. World History, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, etc.) can register and pay to take the exam by completing the following steps by November 3, 2023.

    • Fill out the AP Exam Registration Form. Students can access this form by contacting the ETHS Testing Coordinator.
    • After completing the AP Exam Registration Form, the Student Accounts office will bill the student's account for each AP exam fee.
    • AP Exam Registration forms must be completed by November 3, 2023 in order to finalize the registration and secure an AP exam order.

    AP Course Fee Assistance

    Students with financial need should check with the ETHS Testing Coordinator in room N110 to learn more about eligibility requirements for College Board fee reductions, state and district subsidies, and other support that may be available.

    AP Course Fee Refunds

    Students who drop an AP class on or before January 16, 2024 will receive a full refund for the AP course. No refunds will be made for courses dropped after January 16, 2024 or for failure to take an AP exam.

    Alternative Late Testing

    College Board has very specific guidelines for late testing. Students are required to submit written requests for late testing to the ETHS Testing Coordinator by noon on May 17, 2024. Students will receive notification from the Testing Coordinator regarding the status of late testing requests. Alternate exams for late testing will only be ordered with prior written notification and approval of the Testing Coordinator and will be given after the regular AP exam schedule ends.

    Depending upon the reason for late testing, the College Board may assess a $45.00 late testing fee. Students’ scores may be delayed up to one month (until August) due to late testing.


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