Transcript/Report Card/Progress Report Information

  • Grading Information

    Grade Reports (also called Report Cards) are prepared four times each year at the end of each marking period. The reports are preceded by Progress Reports (sometimes called IPRs, for Interim Progress Report) and supplemented by other correspondence whenever we believe additional information should be shared with you.

    You may obtain additional information any time, by consulting with individual teachers or with the student’s counselor, as well as by checking the student/parent portal, Home Access Center (HAC).

    Current and cumulative credits appear on the marking period 2 (Semester 1) and marking period 4 (Semester 2) Report Cards only, as well as on Transcripts.

    Grade point average (GPA) is determined by averaging the grade points of semester marks (A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, F) in all ETHS courses carrying credit. Grade points are listed under Marking Symbols below. Honors marks are weighted by adding 0.5 point; advanced placement (AP) and Project Lead the Way (PLTW) marks are weighted by adding 1.0 point.

    Marking Periods & Abbreviations

    MP1 = First marking period

    MP2 = Second marking period

    MP3 = Third marking period

    MP4 = Fourth marking period

    EXM = Exam

    SEM1 = Semester 1

    SEM2 = Semester 2

    NC = NC Absences (U, P, ET)

    TOTAL = Total Absences (all types)

    COM = Comment Code (see key at bottom of Report Card to interpret code)

    GPA = Grade Point Average

    Marks & Symbols

    Mark / Grade Point

    A  4.0

    A- 3.7

    B+ 3.3

    B  3.0

    B- 2.7

    C+ 2.3

    C  2.0

    C- 1.7

    D+ 1.3

    D  1.0

    F  0.0

    Symbol Definition

    AD  Audit - Not for Credit

    EE  Erroneous Entry

    I    Incomplete

    LE  Late Entrant

    ME  Medical or Excused

    NC  No Credit due to Attendance Reasons (9 or more absences within a semester)

    P  Pass in Pass/Fail Course

    PF  Fail in Pass/Fail Course