• Students who attend ETHS must reside within its boundaries on a full-time permanent basis. Students who reside outside of residential district boundaries are not allowed to attend ETHS, nor pay tuition for attendance.

    ETHS requires proof of residency for all students. If a student’s address changes while they are enrolled at ETHS, you must update the student’s record. Please see the McKinney-Vento Act for information about how to register, enroll, and receive services at ETHS for homeless children, youth, and their families. 

    If, at any time, a student’s residence is in question, ETHS will investigate. The District may ask for additional documents for verification. If a student is not living within the ETHS District 202 boundaries full-time, or if a student’s living arrangements do not agree with statements provided by a parent or legal guardian, the student will be disenrolled from school. For questions about residency requirements, contact the Residency Office at (847) 424-7182. 


Office Hours

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