Report Cards

  • Report Cards are available on Home Access Center (HAC).

    How do I view my grades?

    Students and parents/guardians can log in to Home Access Center (HAC) at any time to view progress reports and report cards (or sign up to receive these by email*).

    * Even if you have signed up in the past, please sign up again if you want to receive Report Cards and Progress Reports by email for this school year and moving forward.

    Report Cards for the current marking period can now be viewed on HAC, under Grades > Report Card. 

    How often are Progress Reports or Report Cards available?

    Report Cards are each prepared four times a year, at the end of each marking period.  

    Progress Reports are each prepared four times a year, in the middle of each marking period. (Progress Reports are sometimes called IPRs for Interim Progress Reports.)

    Students and parents can also log in regularly to view assignments, attendance, grades, and class schedules.

    Progress Reports and Report Cards will not be sent home via postal mail. 

    How do I get assistance with HAC?

    For assistance with HAC, send an email to or call the HAC Help Desk at 847-424-7121. Information about student/parent portals is also available online at

    Places to Go for Help

    ETHS is committed to helping each student grow with social-emotional learning, academic learning, and post-high school planning, as well as ensuring that each student has the resources to get the help they need. Resources available on the ETHS website include:

    You may also obtain additional information about grades throughout the quarter and semester by consulting with individual teachers, as well as by checking HAC.