Pre-Post Hospitalization Program (PHP)

  • The Pre-Post Hospitalization program at Evanston Township High School aims to fully support students transitioning back from hospitalization due to mental health concerns and/or pregnancy.  Transitioning a student back to school after an extended absence requires communication and coordination. Therefore, to adequately accomplish this, transition planning requires a support system that involves teaming and collaboration among school staff, family members, and community treatment providers (hospital staff, clinicians, psychiatrists, physicians, etc.). The PHP team consists of a teacher and a clinician who provide direct educational and social-emotional support to students within a unique classroom setting.  The PHP team communicates, develops, and implements an effective transition plan that appropriately meets your child’s educational needs for a successful reintegration back into school. 


    Additional services include connecting pregnant/parenting students to community resources where they can access pre-natal and post-natal education, parent-child groups, and family home outreach. Pregnant students may be enrolled in the PHP program beginning the fifth month of pregnancy.


    Contact your counselor or social worker for more information.




  • Pre-Post Hospitalization Program Clinician
    Martha Zarate-Ortega
    (847) 424-7835
    Pre-Post Hospitalization Program Teacher
    Jovanna Feldman
    (847) 424-7128 
    PHP Location A139 Building Map

PHP Hours

  • Regular Summer
    Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:00pm Closed