Notice: General Virtual Audio/Video Learning

  • March 30, 2020

    The District is providing this notice regarding the use of audio/video learning that the District is currently offering for learning at home. The District may use live and recorded audio/video conferences with teachers and other educational personnel. Unless you contact your child’s teacher, your child will be able to participate in any such conferences offered by the District for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year and you should discuss this information with your student and confirm your student understands the following:

    • The District takes privacy and security of student information seriously. Because of the exigencies that have led to this unexpected and unprecedented learning environment, the District is utilizing Zoom Basic. It is your responsibility to review the privacy and terms of use policies for Zoom Basic online.


    • If your child receives special education or related services or other clinical services, such education/services may be provided by the District through Zoom Basic; however, you are not required to waive your rights and protections under federal law, including FERPA, as a condition of receipt of such education/services. If you would like to consider other resources for use with your student in the provision of such education/services, please make a request to your student’s case manager or clinical service provider.


    • During this time, the virtual classroom will be treated like the regular classroom. Other members of a student’s household may observe or otherwise participate in the classroom on the same terms that they could in a brick-and-mortar classroom, and their doing so will not implicate your privacy rights. To the extent any member of your household observes or participates in the classroom, including your student, they will be held to the same standards of and expectations for behavior that would apply inside a classroom in the school building. If you have questions about what these expectations are, contact a building administrator for more information.


    • During classroom instruction, audio and video recordings and photography are not allowed without specific permission from an administrator or the teacher.  The same applies to our remote learning instruction. You may not make audio or video recordings of remote learning instruction, or take photographs of your child during instruction, which include any staff member or other students without express permission from the staff member delivering the instruction or an administrator. If you receive such recordings or photographs from a source other than the School District, delete them and do not post or forward.


    • Continued participation or use of any resources is not guaranteed.